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Blynksolve at Entrepreneur Experience 2023

Dublin, Ireland ·
Blynksolve at Entrepreneur Experience 2023

The Blynksolve team was delighted to be chosen for the prestigious Entrepreneur Experience run each year in Ballymaloe, County Cork.

The event selects 24 entrepreneurs from the most promising companies in the country to spend a weekend with seasoned entrepreneurs in order to learn, work through business challenges and build networks.

“This is a really special event, one which I had heard about for years” Blynksolve CEO Peter Blennerhassett explained, “some of the most prolific and success companies in Irish history have passed through this programme and I’m delighted that Blynksolve was selected. ”. The event featured prominent entrepreneurs of companies such as Crest Solutions (now Catalyx) and Poppulo. “We've got so much from our time with the seasoned entrepreneurs” Peter continued,” they ask the exact questions that we need right now which is going to help us bring Blynksolve to the global stage.” To learn more about the Entrepreneur Experience, see coverage from The Currency.

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