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About Blynksolve

Blynksolve was founded to connect people, process and technology in pharma manufacturing.

Pharma is in a period where time to market, control of supply and efficiency is more critical than ever. Pharma manufacturing is suffering from a lack of clarity, knowledge loss and difficulty communicating between stakeholders.

We believe that these issues are rooted in the limitations of knowledge flow and we saw no solutions on the market that were addressing this unmet need. We also believe a people centric solution can help to unlock the potential of knowledge flow and create more efficient and resilient manufacturing organisations.

The Blynksolve platform is designed with experience of pharma process start-up, operations and tech transfer.

It’s been built by pharma, for pharma.

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We are on a mission to connect people, process and technology in pharma manufacture. Speak to us today to learn how Blynksolve can help you and your team achieve manufacturing excellence.